Evaluation of Operational Programmes

Comprehensive evaluation of operational programmes

Following previous experience, our portfolio also includes a comprehensive evaluation of operational programmes, which represents a key contribution to the efficient use of EU and other funds. In the evaluation of operational programmes we work with partners, and evaluators with many years of experience, with whom we have proven long-term cooperation.

Appropriate evaluation methods

Our methodologies, combining qualitative and quantitative approaches, are enriched by the expertise of our partners who contribute with their specific experience and know-how. Thorough documentation, analysis and synthesis of the findings are the basis for conclusions and recommendations, which are always aimed at improving and increasing the effectiveness of the programmes.

We define achievable recommendations

Working closely with clients and stakeholders is key to our ability to deliver relevant, targeted and actionable recommendations. At Octigon, we are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society and supporting strategic objectives at both national and European level, all in a spirit of transparency, innovation and long-term value creation.