Public Procurement Consultancy

Implementation of public procurement (PP) for the contractor, provision of services by a person qualified with respect to public procurement

Octigon aids in public procurement market research preparation, selection of the appropriate PP method, preparation of tender documents; preparation of the notification of the PP method and prior notification, and of invitations to negotiate, PP oversight process, and the creation of public procurement documents. Services are provided to contracting authorities and contracting entities procuring works/goods/services in projects supported by the state budget and/or from grant funding.

Consultation for tenderers and candidates with respect to public procurement, cooperation in the preparation of bids and PP documentation

Our team ensures a regular provision of information regarding tenders, consultation on invitations to tender, analysis of tender documents, communication with the contractor, supervision and preparation of the tender and documentation rules, checking a bid with respect to substance and form and consultation on corrections and challenges with respect to public procurement.