Grant Consultancy

Grant consulting on successfully obtaining grants and subsidies from the EU structural funds, grant schemes, state aid, grants of ministries and bilateral donor programmes. Octigon provides a complete range of services from advice on partial aspects of the grant application process, through preparation of individual project parts, to the “turnkey contract” project preparation.

Consultations on the selection of a funding source for projects

Our consultants provide a thorough analysis on the intentions of a potential grant applicant, regular information service on current calls for proposals and the selection of the optimal method and source of funding.

Preparation of applications and related documentation for applicants

Octigon provides comprehensive services for the preparation of applications and related documentation – drafting requirements for the supporting documentation of a project, ensuring that project documentation is complete and has been correctly drawn up, preparing project plans, budgets and other documents required for a grant application. Octigon prepares the documents in close cooperation with a client to ensure compliance with the objectives of the project and the requirements of a funding scheme.

Project Implementation

Octigon provides project management services during all phases of a project’s life cycle. Comprehensive project management is undertaken by certified project and financial managers with experience of managing complex investment and non-investment projects.

We ensure that all processes during implementation take place in accordance with the requirements of the grant providers and we minimize the risk of the non-payment of a grant, or of a claim for the return of a grant due to non-compliance with the terms and conditions.

The main services of this area are:

  • Project management
  • Financial management
  • Monitoring of project
  • Publicity management