Project Implementation

Project and financial management as the key to success

Project and financial management is an essential part of our services. Comprehensive project management is provided by our certified project managers with many years of experience in the management of investment and non-investment projects. They ensure that all processes during project implementation are in line with the requirements of the grant providers and thus minimizethe risk of non-payment or repayment of the received contribution.

Implementation of tailor-made projects

The advantage of our services is that we advise our clients from the beginning until the successful completion of the project. Our team consults together on all phases of the project cycle so that we can set up activities during the preparation of the grant application so that they can be easily procured and subsequently implemented. Thanks to our advanced preparation and expertise, nothing surprises us when managing a project.

Post-project cooperation

At Octigon, we understand that the project does not end with its financial settlement. With our help, you get a comprehensive project and financial management service that also covers project publicity and monitoring during the sustainability period.